Little Boy Pastel Portrait by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner was Hand Painted on Pastel Board and features an adorable young man from Lincoln, Rhode Island

Little Boy Pastel Portrait
22″ x 28″, Pastel on Paper, 2011
by Bonnie Lee Turner

Little Boy Pastel Portrait of a young man named Avan. Some children are ‘old souls’, which means they are smart, and funny, and wise beyond their years. Avan, the adorable little boy in this portrait would fit that description. His personality is so big, and his wit so sharp, that you find it hard to believe that he is still just a child. One day he might be President, or the head of a big Fortune 500 company, but for now being a boy is a full time job.

In this portrait, I painted him smiling and looking straight at the viewer, with the part of his golden hair rising to a point at the top of his head. Behind him, I added a warm glow of yellow and red – and surrounded it all with deep blues and purples. Purple is the color of wealth and royalty, after all….

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Bonnie Lee Turner

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