Work in Horb Day 2

Ahhh Horb, beautiful Horb! I’m happy every time I visit!

Today I’m continuing work on my public art piece for ARTpark Horb. I’m excited about it! I do wish it wasn’t quite so hot out, though! In fact today would be a perfect beach day, but the nearest beach is somewhere on the Adriatic Sea, which is about 450 miles to my southeast. That’s a little too far for me!

When I arrived in Horb I realized it was almost time for lunch, so in the interest of fueling my creativity….my work day started at the Da Vinci Cafe! (Yes, there really is a Da Vinci Cafe here in Horb!)

“Zwei weitere Bier bitte!”, which means “Two more beers please!”. While a beer sounds very refreshing, today is a work day. Today is an Art day. Today is a day for strong coffee and a big sandwich! Oh yeah baby! I can feel those creative juices flowing!

And before long I was at ARTpark Horb, getting to work on…..well……I can’t tell you yet….

But it’s going to be good!

Check back tomorrow for more pics and an update on my progress.

I’ll keep you posted!


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