Horber Ritterspiele Horb

My Artist friend Luca is from Italy. I asked him to show me how to use this little coffee pot. He showed me how to take it apart, and how much water and coffee to add. The trick, he said, taught to him by his Father, is to not put the flame on high. (Ahhh the flame, that is another story! I spend more time trying to even get the stupid flame on! And don’t mind the stove…it’s communal. I cleaned it once, and within short time this is what it looked like) Anyways…I have been following his directions as best I can, and listening for the sound that tells me it is done. So yesterday he came in the kitchen just as that sound began, and I offered him some coffee. The little cups that he uses were nowhere to be found (I think they were probably in his room) so he said he only wanted a little. I found the next cup and poured him a small amount. When I handed him the cup he said “too much!”, so I poured some in my cup. ‘Still too much!’ he said. I said just throw out what you don’t want and proceeded to empty the pot into my cup, which was little more than a 1/3 – definitely less than a half. So I sat down and said “Geez, in America, I drink a big cup, sometimes two”. He looked surprised and said “Espresso?!” I said, “Coffee”. He said, “This is espresso…you only have a smalla amounta, otherwisea you die!” “OMG!,” I said “It’s no wonder why I can’t sleep!!” Lol! That’s some strong kaffee!!!!

Luca left this morning.

Jeong Soo Lim, an Installation/Performance Artist from Korea arrived last night. Another Artist is arriving today, and then my roommate, Gamze, an Artist from Turkey, will be here tomorrow. These are busy times at the Kunstort Eleven ArtSpace!  #kunstortELEVENartspace

<Fast Forward>

I’m at the Horber Ritterspiele Horb, which is the Maximillian Knights’ Tournament in Horb. My friend Hui is with me.  The Maximillian Knights’ Tournament is supposed to be one of Europe’s biggest medieval spectacles, with 30,000 visitors from all over the region. So far we’ve only seen this guy. Hmmmm…..the Middle Ages have to be around here somewhere…..


Now that’s more like it!

Yes, that’s me and Hui in the center…

That was fun!! Can’t wait for the next adventure!

I’ll keep you posted!


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