Master Pieces

I have a passion for Mosaics! My interest in Mosaics was sparked during a sojourn in Europe. I saw firsthand the work of the Old Masters, and I was awed by the magnificence of the great Mosaic art. Made from the calloused hands of unknown craftsmen, these works have a power and a glory that affirm the depth of the love in an artist’s heart. When you consider the time, the patience, and the physical discomfort inherent in their creation, the placement of each piece must surely be an act of love.

One of my earliest public art pieces was a large slate and glass counter top for a Designer Show-house at the Edith Wharton summer residence in Newport, Rhode Island. I especially loved the color and texture of glass, and how the placement and the angle created new possibilities for the refraction of light. It was as though light itself had now become part of my palette!

My first large scale Mosaic commission was in 2007, when I was chosen by an O’Hearne Associates Architectural Firm to create a mosaic floor on the altar of St. Agatha’s Church in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Titled ‘Living Water’, the Mosaic featured a Byzantine inspired center that segued out into a more contemporary design, and was composed entirely out of various types of glass. The mosaic created for the altar of the Church was a great success, but it only hinted at the possibilities to come! Since then I’ve been commissioned to create Mosaic portraits, Mosaic way-finders, and other kinds of Mosaic art that combines both form and function. I am looking forward to creating a large scale public art Mosaic.