Walk in the Village

I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I’m still having trouble with my phone. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times – like yesterday and today – my texts will come back, and my pictures won’t go anywhere. Weird. It might be that this place is just too remote for consistent service….I don’t know. Then again it might be something that I’m doing or not doing, because this is my first iphone……but of course I always prefer to avoid personal responsibility if at all possible.

So….even though yesterday was a wash Blog-wise, I’d still like to fill you in on my adventure. I did end up climbing that mountain with the young Canadian Artist. There were no plateaus – it was just uphill the whole way! Ugh! I had to stop at least four times to catch my breath! I was making noises that were a cross between Godzilla and those aliens in the movie GalaxyQuest. My Canadian friend looked a little alarmed, but he was polite and patient. Finally we made it to the top and then it was just a quick walk through the woods to the castle, which is actually a Hotel – the Hotel Schloss Weitenburg. You can see it there at the top. What a beautiful place! We sat outside and ordered coffee. It cost more than Starbucks but it was worth it – there’s a view of the whole valley with miles and miles of gorgeous German countryside! It was unbelievable! Once it was time to go, the walk down the mountain was surprisingly easy – perhaps my legs we’re still in shock…. Later that night a bunch of us walked to the pub in the village. They had live music with folk singers from America. I ended up sitting and chatting with a woman who spoke English. We had a good time! It was a great day!

Okay so….even though I can’t post my pics from my mountain trek yesterday, here’s some shots from a recent walk into town.

This first picture is of the ArtSpace where I’m staying.  #kunstortELEVENartspace  It was once a school, but now it’s been converted into an ArtSpace offering Residency’s to Artists from all over the world. How cool is that! The second picture is the view down the driveway.

Red rooftops, green fields, blue skies….gorgeous!

See that castle perched above the treetops? That’s the Hotel Schloss Weitenburg.


Bujukai is a self-defense school where they teach martial arts.

All of these beautiful homes nestled in the gorgeous German countryside is just daily life in the village….

The Village Museum Börstingen has exhibits dedicated to life and the world of work during the 19th and 20th centuries in Börstingen, and is divided into the sections of work, nutrition, seasons and life in the village.

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting with the Director of the Art Park in Horb. His name is Michael and he’s really nice! He doesn’t speak very much English and I don’t speak any German. We’re going to talk about an art project in the Park. This should be interesting…..

I’ll keep you posted.


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