Rottenburg am Neckar

Rottenburg. It may not sound very appetizing but I assure you it’s quite delicious! Rottenburg am Neckar is a medium-sized village 9 miles to the northeast of Starzach. Last night I went to Rottenburg with my new friends to see a Film Festival. It was great! Wanna go with me? Hop in!

Stop the car! I see a Bierhalle!

We stopped in at an Art Gallery. The work was….interesting….

Virtually every glance in every direction is a picture-perfect postcard just pleading to be painted!

I’m surprised there aren’t more people out and about….

Life here is very relaxed. People take their time, and they seem at peace with themselves and their environment.

The Market Square is in the heart of downtown Rottenburg. The Cathedral is Dom St. Martin, named after Saint Martin, the Bishop of Tours. “He is best known for the account of his using his military sword to cut his cloak in two, to give half to a beggar clad only in rags in the depth of winter. Conscripted as a soldier into the Roman army, he found the duty incompatible with the Christian faith he had adopted and became an early conscientious objector.” (Wikipedia)

I love the colors, the simple architecture, the red roofs, and the cobblestone streets! Germany is like a painting where every brush stroke is perfect!

This statue, I am told, is about Carnival – trying to scare away winter. If it works I’m going to put one in my front yard!

Dinner with my companions at an Italian restaurant! I ordered pizza and beer, naturally…. We would have sat outside but it was unseasonably cold. That’s Monika and Hui on the left, and Frank on the right. Monika and Frank are the Directors of the Kunstort ELEVEN ArtSpace.   #kunstortELEVENartspace

Dom St. Martin, the Rottenburg Cathedral, has been the city’s cathedral since 1821. Its tower, dating from 1486, is its most prominent feature. It’s eye-catching by day and simply glorious when it’s lit up at night!

As night settles over Rottenburg, the lights come on, illuminating another side of its charm and beauty!

The Theater! That’s the Theater owner and the Animator talking on the left. The projector on the right looks like something out of a science fiction movie! The Theater was small and cozy and every seat had a great view. And the Film Festival was great! So much talent! There were many student films as well as international award ones, and all were short animations.

And finally: This last picture was taken at night, so it’s a little grainy. It shows Roman ruins. “Rottenburg was founded as a Roman town, called Sumelocenna, probably around the year AD98, and was one of the most important Roman towns in the southwest of Germany! The name Rottenburg is thought to derive from a Germanic root that is also present in the English word “rotten”, in an older meaning of “destroyed”. According to this hypothesis, the town would have received its name when, in the early Middle Ages, German people founded their settlement in the vicinity of the ruins of Roman Sumelocenna.” (Wikipedia)

Tomorrow I’m going to a medieval fair. That should be something!!

I’ll keep you posted!


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