My Birthday

Es ist mein Geburtstag! It’s my Birthday!  Woo-Hoo!

This morning when I got up everyone from Kunstort ELEVEN ArtSpace #kunstortELEVENartspace was waiting for me in the kitchen – for a surprise Birthday champagne toast! How cute is that!!

The word for “Cheers!” in Germany is “Prost!”, and it almost sounds like “post”. That’s good to know, because I may add Henkell Trocken to my morning routine….

Two fabulous German artists named Gabriele Nold and Renate Kletzka have been visiting with us for the past week. Today they took me and Hiroko to Rottenburg am Neckar!

That’s Gabriele on the left, followed by me, Hiroko, and  Renate!

It was good to be back in Rottenburg! I love the steeple of this Church!

It was a beautiful summer day!

I like this shot:

So many homes and buildings in Germany are adorned with flowers!

We stumbled upon a “Buchhaltestelle”, or Book Stop. Anyone can take out a book for free, take it home to read it, or stay reading in the city: then you can return the book, if you wish, or keep it, and replace it with another book! What a great idea! I wish they had an Auto Haltestelle in Germany!

On our walk I encountered the remnants of a most unusual flower!

More blue sky and gorgeous architecture!

After walking around the village, we went to the Neckar River and traveled along the banks for a time

It was hot out today, but there were shady spots that were nice and cool….

A blue sky filled with clouds, coupled with the warm colors of the homes, made for a gorgeous view – especially when everything reflected in the gentle water of the Neckar River….

So much beauty at every turn!

This would make a great painting!

This would make a great painting too! Ugh! So much beauty everywhere here! I’m like the proverbial “kid in a candy store”!

And my day still wasn’t over! Tonight there was a barbecue, with delicious food, starlit skies, and my new roommate Romie sang for all of us! Woo-Hoo!

I think that out of all my 39 Birthdays….<cough cough>….this one was THE BEST!!! Thanks to everyone who made it special, and for all the wonderful Birthday wishes!!!


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