The picture at the top was taken today in Horb. The words on that umbrella in the foreground say “Meckatzer”. I looked it up: Meckatzer Löwenbräu is a brewery in Meckatz, Bavaria. Seems like I have some uncanny ability to sniff out beer tents and cheese trucks….

So today I made my way back to Horb am Neckar. At just 13 kilometers, it’s the town closest to Starzach, and they have everything that I need – an outdoor farmer’s market, an Italian cafe, and of course, the aforementioned beer and cheese. Mmmmmmmm!

Horb am Neckar is often referred to as the Gateway to the Black Forest. It sits right on the edge of the legendary wood, where the Neckar and Grabenbach rivers come together. The rivers slice through the landscape, providing hills and valleys which with a little imagination can become the nooks and crannies of the Grimm Brother’s tales. Hiking around Horb am Neckar it is easy to mentally escape. You look down at the town and see the tops of the buildings, their peaked roofs and old stonework like something from another age. This is, of course, because they have been saved from another age. (From

Just look at those clouds!!! And everything here is so clean! There’s not a single piece of litter anywhere!

Unless they spruced up the place because they knew I was coming….

And there are flowers EVERYWHERE in Germany!

There is some German rich guy who bought this building with plans of building apartments for students. Apparently, though, it wasn’t zoned for that, and he can’t get permission to do anything with it, so the building sits empty. In protest he planted this public art piece, and put up that big sign that says “WHEN CAN I BUILD”….or at least that’s what I was told….

Also Today: I had an hour long German lesson! I learned counting to 20, saying the days of the week, good morning, good day, good night, thank, you’re welcome, and stuff like that. Then we moved on to the important stuff – and I learned the three most important questions (at least for me) in the German language:

• Darf ich etwas Speck haben?
• Darf ich noch etwas Speck haben?
• Gibt es noch mehr Speck?

Which means: May I have some bacon? May I have some more bacon? Is there any more bacon?


I’ll keep you posted!


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