We need to catch up!! I’ve been busy busy busy with work…and fun! Haven’t had time to Post, but as you can imagine, there’s a lot going on here in Germany! So where do I start? Hmmm…..let’s start with beer!

When Gamze arrived on Sunday night, June 17th, we went to the Lamm – the only pub in town. While we were there I introduced myself to a couple sitting nearby and invited them to The Red Sofa Artist Talk, which was slated for the following night at Kunstort ELEVEN ArtSpace. #kunstortELEVENartspace They in turn invited us to a Beer Fest that was happening on the following weekend. It’s hosted by the village Firemen, and it’s right in front of their Station, and they have….beer! Okay, great!

I wasn’t sure if the invitation was offered out of politeness, or if we needed tickets, or if there would even be room for us. And y’know….I’m in another country, I don’t know the customs….I wouldn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable….

So Gamze, Jaime, and I went to the Beer Fest.

Germany was playing Sweden in the World Cup that night, and the crowd inside the tent was focused on the game. We sat just outside the tent.

We aren’t really big fans of soccer, but we are really big fans of beer!

Yes, we like beer, and beer likes us! As day turned to night, we enjoyed several small mugs of German beer!

And then this guy showed up. I know what you’re thinking: Is that Anthony Bourdain? Is that the ghost of Anthony Bourdain? No. I can’t remember his name, but he’s Spanish, and he either lives in Spain or lived in Spain…..I don’t know. My memory is a little fuzzy, and soon you’ll know why. Our friend here with the dates on his shirt had a long necked bottle and said “Vamos a tomarnos unos chupitos”, which means “Let’s have some shots!”

I love the look on Gamze’s face!

There were two different kinds of shots. After the first bottle, he went and grabbed another, and the second bottle had a bow.

Believe it or not, I’ve never actually done shots before. I started to sip from my glass, but everyone said “No no no you have to down it!” So I downed it. It packs quite a punch! We had one….we had two… some point the Spanish guy disappeared…..And that’s when things started to get a little fuzzy….

Gamze, Jaime, and I were having a very good time!

Jens and Daniella, the young couple who invited us to the Beer Fest a week earlier, joined us for drinks. Daniella is very pretty, super sweet, loves to laugh, and speaks pretty good English….

Since we were now in the presence of our host and hostess, I thought it would be wise for us to keep our composure and not do anything that would give away the fact that we’ve probably had wayyy too much to drink. Gamze struggled with that one a bit….

And that is pretty much the last thing I remember….

More great stories to tell you about!

I’ll keep you posted!


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