Hand Painted Hawaiian Waterfall Mural by Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles C. Clear III transforms the solarium of a private residence in Sherborn, MA

Hawaiian Waterfall Mural, 24′ x 15′, 2005
Solarium of Private Residence, Sherborn, Massachusetts
by Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles C. Clear III

This Hawaiian Waterfall Mural was commissioned by a homeowner in Sherborn, Massachusetts to spice up their Solarium.

The shape of the room, the pool, and the many windows made a tropical theme the obvious choice. We therefore suggested and designed a waterfall mural, which would not only reprise the water motif, but also serve to disguise the area in the center with the vent on top – which protrudes from the wall about 12″. This area virtually disappeared once the painting was complete.

To personalize the mural, we included the homeowners favorite flowers, and also their favorite mountains in Hawaii.

To commission a hand painted mural of your favorite scene for your home, contact me today!

Bonnie Lee Turner

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