Pastel Portraits of Three Brothers by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner was painted in Pastel on acid free Paper and features three boys from Vermont

Three Brothers Pastel Portraits
22” x 28“, Pastel on Paper, 2007
by Bonnie Lee Turner

For this commission, I first set out to do individual portraits; I did a photo shoot of the boys just being themselves and interacting and enjoying each other, and then decided to have the two oldest stand in front of an absolutely gorgeous flowering bush. They immediately wrapped their arms around each other and a special moment was captured. The love and friendship between two brothers was a powerful image – and this had to be memorialized.

The youngest stands before the watchful eyes of his two older brothers – it was clear from this moment, that I had the perfect portrait – the perfect piece was of all three boys…all three brothers.

Though each boy could be the perfect portrait on their own, the dynamics between them was too important and I had to paint them together – to capture their love for each other. Their parents, needless to say, were ecstatic with the results.

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Bonnie Lee Turner

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