Sunrise Residential Mural by Artists Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles C. Clear III features a spectacular sunrise over the beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island

Sunrise residential Mural, 7′ x 5′, 2014
Private Residence, Narragansett, Rhode Island
by Bonnie Lee Turner

This Residential Mural was painted in a guest bedroom of a beautiful seaside home in Narragansett. In the Mural, the sun is rising over the tranquil water, and its white glow turns yellow hot as the light spreads across the horizon. Above, the sky has hints of blue that fade to violet, and the clouds look like orange embers at the base of a raging fire. A seagull flies towards the viewer. Along the bottom there is a patch of sandy beach. The surf is just over the ridge – just out of sight. On each side of this beautiful scene is some beach fencing with a bit of sea grass. And finally, the outer edge of the Mural softly fades to the wall color. It’s a warm, inviting scene that imparts a sense of peace and calm, and inspires hope for the new day dawning.

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Bonnie Lee Turner

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