Shaman, Mixed Media Objet Trouvé sculpture, 9.5” x 6” x 3”, 2015, by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner

Shaman Sculpture, 9.5” x 6”, Mixed Media /  objet trouvé, 2015
by Bonnie Lee Turner

The Shaman stands silently, his eyes closed, his head tilted back, his long and graceful neck rising from supple shoulders. You can almost hear his soft breath as he travels in a trance to uncharted states of consciousness.

Exploration, discovery, and the retrieval of treasure for the benefit of all is not just the duty of the Shaman, it is also the journey of the Artist.

This metalized mixed media sculpture perfectly captures the Shaman’s quiet moment of revelation and apprehension, and in doing so, it demands your attention.

Your eye follows the silver light as it spreads across his face and illuminates his powerful chest. There is texture found in the black fissures which spread across his body, and linear forms ebb and flow with secrets that can never be deciphered or revealed.

Bonnie Lee Turner

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