Mosaic Portrait Art by Fine Artist Bonnie Lee Turner was created with glass tile and features a college professor from Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mosaic Portrait Art Commission of a College Professor
18″ x 24″, Glass Tile
by Bonnie Lee Turner

This Mosaic Portrait Art was commissioned as a birthday gift by the wife of a college professor in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Composed entirely of luminous glass tile, this Portrait has the look and feel of a miniature stained glass window.

The leaves behind him sway and dance, and contain a glorious spectrum of color to frame his face. Bright light filters through the leaves and rests softly upon his cheek. His skin is as warm as his smile, his eyes are like the sea after it rains, and his hair is like honey dipped in diamonds and mahogany. The blues in his shirt are akin the ocean in the summer, with light that dances upon the cerulean crests of waves that never break, and then retreats into eddys and streams of cobalt that contain a sprinkling of tones deeper still.

To commission a Mosaic Portrait of yourself or a loved one, contact me today!

Bonnie Lee Turner

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