Memorial Portrait Young Lady, 22 ” x 28 “, Charcoal and Pastel on Paper, 2006, by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner

Memorial Portrait of a Young Lady
22 ” x 28 “, Charcoal and Pastel on Paper, 2006
by Bonnie Lee Turner

This Memorial Portrait features an attractive, vibrant young woman, aglow with the promise of a bright future.

The young woman’s name is Mrs. Branconnier. As I painted her, I couldn’t help but notice the look in her eye – an almost mischievous look which makes the viewer wonder just what she’s thinking as she looks over her shoulder. She has such a beguiling beauty, and with a Mona Lisa smile, her personality shines across the ages.

It is important to me to convey what I feel as I paint, and the key is what I learn about the subject. I truly feel as though I get to know the person as I paint them – it’s a very intimate feeling that I share with each subject, an almost uncanny feeling of depth and knowledge.

I love her period dress that is so filled with intricate detail. Here I added some symbolism, such as initials and words which would have meaning to her son, for whom the commission was gifted. Each commission is special in it’s own way, and I am always honored to play a part in the lives of those who will enjoy the painting for generations to come.

To commission a Memorial Portrait of you or a loved one, contact me today!

Bonnie Lee Turner

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