Bliss Dairy Farm Mural was Custom Designed and Hand Painted by Artists Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles Clear for Bliss Restaurant in Attleboro, Massachusetts

Bliss Dairy Farm Mural, 11′ x 8’5″, 2013
Bliss Restaurant and Dairy, Attleboro, Massachusetts
by Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles C. Clear III

This Bliss Dairy Farm Mural was hand painted in Bliss Restaurant’s newly renovated Sundae Party Function Room. The new mural is an extension of a preexisting 31′ mural that was painted decades ago by another artist. That mural was in need of minor repair and restoration, which we effected as part of this project.

Our 11′ x 8.5″ Mural features a Milkman (Thomas Kent Bliss Sr. – the founder of Bliss Dairy) holding a milk bottle, 8 Holstein cows, an old stone wall, a dairy farm, rolling hills, and a soft blue sky – all under a canopy of leaves. We also painted the Bliss logo in large red letters on the window that looks into the manufacturing plant. This window was cleverly incorporated into a painted milk truck.

If you would like to brighten up your Restaurant or Store with a custom designed, hand painted Mural, contact me!

Bonnie Lee Turner

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