Ben and Jerry’s Mural, 17′ x 6′, 2013
Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop, Thayer Street, Providence, RI
by Bonnie Lee Turner and Charles C. Clear III

Ben and Jerry’s commissioned us to paint this 17′ x 6′ mural as the centerpiece of their new Scoop Shop on Thayer Street in Providence, Rhode Island. The Mural features Woody Jackson’s ‘Woody’ The Cow surrounded by Rhode Island landmarks, including the State House, the Providence skyline, Waterfire, a Thayer Street sign, the Point Judith Lighthouse, etc. It’s a bright, colorful, fun mural, and it’s held up very well despite the heavy traffic.

The mural was painted from a design provided to us by Ben and Jerry’s own graphic designer, who indicated which colors she wished to be used in the mural, and we approximated all of the requested colors, hues, and tonal values.

If you have a store that needs a Mural, contact me!

Bonnie Lee Turner

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