Angel Fish Mosaic, Ceramic Tile, 24" x 48", hand made by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner features the beauty and splendor of a brightly colored Angel Fish

Angel Fish Mosaic
Ceramic Tile, 24″ x 48″
by Artist Bonnie Lee Turner

This Angel Fish Mosaic is a hand crafted work of art that captures the beauty and splendor of a brightly colored Angelfish. Just look how it’s bold yellow and white stripes stand out against the black and navy blue background. The piece is accented with a sprinkling of red and pastel blue.

This piece was originally designed to be a coffee table. As a table, it measures 24″ x 48″,  stands 16″ off the ground, and weighs about 50 pounds. The legs and under-carriage are a very deep green – almost black. These legs may be removed so that the piece may be mounted on the wall as wall art.

This Angel Fish is available for purchase. Inquire for pricing.

To commission a custom designed hand crafted Mosaic work of art for your home or business, contact me today!

Bonnie Lee Turner

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