I see the world differently. I always have.

When I was a child, I brought home a piece of paper that I had completely colored red, and proudly gave it to my Mom to be displayed on the refrigerator. She was puzzled. “What is it?” she asked. “It’s and apple!” I proclaimed. My Mom looked worried. She could see that my cousins and the others all held papers with red circles that resembled an apple. “But this is a rectangle” she said “and an apple is round”. “I know” I said “Mine was too big for the paper!”. She was not amused. And so began my lifelong fascination with organic forms and extreme closeups.

To this day I am mesmerized by textures, shadows and highlights. Whether it’s with a piece of fruit, the bark of a tree, moss, the reflections cast upon water, or the crevasses of rocks; the chasm, abyss, fissure, cleft, crack, split, breach, rift, hole, and the cavity; they make up shapes that become other forms to my eye. It’s not seeing the whole – it’s seeing the whole in the detail. It’s with the extreme closeups that I bring attention to the shapes, textures, lights and shadows that are the very core and the essential elements to the subject itself.  It is that detail that I capture with the lens of my camera. In so doing it is like turning a building back into a blueprint. What are you left with? Color, line, form, texture, relationships. This is intoxicating for me! My Fine Art Photography highlights a lifelong interest in organic forms.

This body of my Fine Art Photography depicts subjugated abstracts, created from detailed and extreme closeups of organic forms that are further manipulated with color-saturation to a state of phantasmagoria, expressing the depths of my inner conscious and creative core.  My passion for this photographic genre and creativity have no bounds. I am always growing and evolving as an Artist, and never afraid to experiment.

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