Modern Primitive

The objective of my art has always been to draw order out of chaos – to take tubes of paint or a box of mosaic glass and arrange the various materials into a representational work of art that would be purchased by a client or patron. This Metal work is quite the opposite of that, for now I am drawing chaos out of order. It’s a rejection of convention; I’m disassembling things, breaking things down to their essential elements. It’s like turning a building back into a blueprint. What are you left with? Line, form, texture, relationships. I am mesmerized by textures, and every day found objects: resurfacing, reworking, and re-purposing them into new forms; taking the mundane, overlooked, and discarded items and turning them into works of art. At times I will accentuate an object’s inherent textures, while at others, I add texture to an object; always creating, changing, enhancing, and bringing attention to the original intent and identity of the piece. In some ways, this new Metal work is like a photograph of an event that hasn’t yet happened – it’s as much about where it is going as where it is now. I see this as a statement on modern society, where, even with the essential elements in place, coupled with the choreography of circumstance, no one is content, and everyone is always on the way to being someone or something else. We are modern….but we are primitive. I call this Metal series ‘Modern Primitive’.