Strasbourg Day Two

“What is a Wanderess? Bound by no boundaries, contained by no countries, tamed by no time, she is the force of nature’s course.” – Roman Payne … Read More

Strasbourg France

“What if it’s the there and not the here that I long for? The wander and not the wait, the magic in the lost feet stumbling … Read More

My Birthday

Es ist mein Geburtstag! It’s my Birthday!  Woo-Hoo! This morning when I got up everyone from Kunstort ELEVEN ArtSpace #kunstortELEVENartspace was waiting for me in the kitchen … Read More

Work in Horb Day 2

Ahhh Horb, beautiful Horb! I’m happy every time I visit! Today I’m continuing work on my public art piece for ARTpark Horb. I’m excited about it! … Read More

Work Begins in Horb

Today I started a small public art project at ARTpark Horb! Woo-Hoo! Check back tomorrow for more pics, and an update on my progress! I’ll keep … Read More

Bierlingen Night and Day

It was Saturday night, July 14th – the night after my Red Sofa Artist Talk. My friend Jamie was leaving the next day. She had been … Read More

Sommerempfang in Bebenhausen

The German-American Institute is an organization in Tübingen that promotes dialog and friendship between Germans and Americans. ( Their goal is to bring our countries closer … Read More

My Red Sofa Artist Talk

Friday night was my Red Sofa Artist Talk at Kunstort ELEVEN ArtSpace!  #kunstortELEVENartspace The Red Sofa Artist Talk is an open forum for Resident Artists. You can … Read More

German Gothic

My Red Sofa Artist Talk is this Friday Night! Woo-Hoo! I’ll be sharing the stage….er….Sofa…..with Ki Dong Kwon, a very talented Painter from South Korea! I … Read More

Sunday in Tubingen

Ahhh Tübingen! Jamie and I decided to return to Tübingen today and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon! The weather was beautiful – sunny and warm, just a light … Read More

Atomkeller Museum in Haigerloch

At the Beer Fest, Jens and Daniela were telling us about Haigerloch, a beautiful village just south of Starzach, in the northwestern corner of the Swabian … Read More


We need to catch up!! I’ve been busy busy busy with work…and fun! Haven’t had time to Post, but as you can imagine, there’s a lot … Read More


I went to Tübingen yesterday with my friends Gamze and Jaime, and it is…..Beautiful! Amazing! Glorious! Tübingen is a picture-perfect town about 20 miles south of Stuttgart, … Read More

New Friends

My new roommate arrived last night! Her name is Gamze Zorlu. She’s a brilliant Painter from Istanbul, Turkey. Her paintings feature meticulously detailed renderings of architecture … Read More

Horber Ritterspiele Horb

My Artist friend Luca is from Italy. I asked him to show me how to use this little coffee pot. He showed me how to take … Read More

Rottenburg am Neckar

Rottenburg. It may not sound very appetizing but I assure you it’s quite delicious! Rottenburg am Neckar is a medium-sized village 9 miles to the northeast … Read More

Sunday Morning Mountain Hop

Another beautiful day at the Kunstort ELEVEN ArtSpace!  #kunstortELEVENartspace What shall I do today? Where will I find inspiration? The Mountain! And what’s at the top … Read More


The picture at the top was taken today in Horb. The words on that umbrella in the foreground say “Meckatzer”. I looked it up: Meckatzer Löwenbräu … Read More

Theater Bug

This little (big) guy greeted me in the bathroom this morning. WTF? I don’t like bugs. The bugs know that I don’t like them. I think … Read More


Können Sie das glauben? Ich bin heute vor einer Woche in Deutschland angekommen! Wait wait wait….I forgot…in English: Can you believe it? I arrived in Germany one … Read More

Back to Horb am Neckar

That picture at the top is of the Rat Haus in Horb, which I think means it’s the Town Hall in Horb. The figures painted on … Read More

Walk in the Village

I wasn’t able to post yesterday. I’m still having trouble with my phone. Sometimes it works perfectly, other times – like yesterday and today – my … Read More

Visited Horb Am Neckar

Today I went to Horb, or Horb am Neckar. It’s the next village over from me, and it’s this beautiful old world village nestled on the … Read More

From Stuttgart To Starzach

Woke up in Stuttgart. Had a great night’s sleep! Saw this at this Hotel, but I’m not falling for the old “Hey Look Free Stuff” trick … Read More

Traveling To Germany

I’m on my way!!! I left for Germany from T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island, on Tuesday, May 29th at 7:55pm on Norwegian Air Flight … Read More

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